Our Services

​​​We have 4 Jet Edge Waterjet Tables

 ( Table size ) 

A-Table -72" x 120"  With  Dual Heads 

B-Table -72" x 144"  With Duel Heads
C-Table-120"x 240" With Quad heads  

D-Table-168"x 240" With Duel 5 axis Heads- Which is great for Beveling(45deg) for Weld-preps ,Chamfers,  

We can cut a variety of materials from Carbon Steel,stainless,Aluminum,Titanium,

Plastic,Copper,Brass,Stone, Tile,Wood, Lexan , (Some Glass) and Neoprene Rubber.

Our Waterjets can cut material from a few
Thousands thick, to all the way up to 18" thick on Carbon steel 


We offer Stress Relieving


 ​With our Brand new Lucifer oven with a 36" x 36" chamber  

Press Brakes

Press Brake Capacities: 175 Ton 8’ -0” 325 Ton 14’ – 0”

Press Brakes : 175 Ton 8’-0” 

                       : 325 Ton 14- 0” 

Surface Grinding Service's


 11” x 22” Precision Surface Grinder 

Blanchard Grinder


 We have a 36"and a 48"dia Grinders that can grind Carbon steel and some Stainless steel thats magnetic( 17-4 ph) Down to your Specific Thickness within  a few  thousands of an inch! 

Time Saver

Time Saver Capacities: 36” Wide

 Time Saver Capacities:  36” Wide

Band saw